NBA Live 08 is EA Sport's newest basketball game for Windows
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NBA Live 08 is EA Sport's newest basketball game for Windows. NBA LIVE 08 carries on the tradition of being the basketball game with the best graphics on any platform. However, graphics is not everything when it comes to sport games. Its competitor, NBA 2K8 is the best game when it comes to playability. However, NBA LIVE 08 is perhaps the only game for PC, so there's no competition there. The main reason why the game doesn't live to expectations in the playability department is because players act like they don't even know what they are doing. Animations are overreacted, contact and crashes are almost non existent. The way players score is not realistic at all. You can go and dunk on 4 guys like every single time, and the dunk will always be the same. There are some nice things about the game, though. It features most FIBA teams. So you can play with your national teams that feature real players from your country. There is the dunk contest, three point shootout and even more mini games to keep up the fun after you get tired of the jaw-dropping visuals.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics
  • FIBA teams


  • Poor playability
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